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Kalm Cosmetics is giving away Real Technique Brushes

Thank god it’s Friday! Here’s another giveaway that all of you will enjoy, KALM Cosmetics the authorized retailer of Real Techniques Brushes in the Philippines is giving away these amazing prizes – 2 Travel Set and 3 Expert Face Brushes. To join all you have to do is to follow …
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Thank you Fairy God Mother

Quick post! I need to finish a lot of things today. I just want to share that fairy god mother took my Charm Travel Pro v2 under my pillow and replaced it with the all new and improved Charm Travel Pro v3. At first I have missed my old one …
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Brush Cleaning 101

After carrying my babies for an out of town trip. It’s time to give them some love and bath. I only did spot cleaning while I was in CDO because “How am I going to dry them fast in the first place?” I clean my brushes almost weekly depending on …