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Makeup pegs for a mini photo shoot

Friendship built through different medium is incomparable. This beauty blogging opened the door for me to meet wonderful people that I knew I could treasure for as long as I live. I was never a social person and I’ve experienced extreme gossip bullying when I was in high school. Now …
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Event Peg: Attending a formal event

You all know that I am quite busy with work and I really can’t be in front of my computer blogging. The big event is tomorrow although I am not one of the visitors I will be walking around to check and accept orders from my boss, I want to …
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FOTD using Milea Mineral Eyeshadow

Hey everyone, Finally I can share the look I came up using the Milea Mineral Eyeshadow I featured. My friend Marga and Pam asked me to blog how I did the make up of the photo I posted in Facebook. Thank you so much friends for liking this low resolution …