PCOS Story

PCOS and Puppies

Our Belgian Malinois gave birth to eight beautiful puppies last month. Unfortunately, one died, they say it is called the fading puppy syndrome. Because of my fascination with the puppies I visited home more often. Thank goodness to my flexible work, I can be anywhere. I finally updated my period …
Health & Fitness PCOS Story

PCOS Diaries: Coming off the pill

I took the last set of my prescribed oral contraceptive last December. Coming off the pill this time is somewhat frightening, as I do not know if my period will finally come back and my ovaries are now normal. Throughout this phase of my journey, I’ve done more research to …
Health & Fitness PCOS Story

PCOS Diaries: 6th Month Evaluation

PCOS Journey Update If you are new to this blog, I started a blog series where I will document my PCOS journey towards pregnancy, read my first post here.  I changed doctors because I cannot catch the schedule of my previous OB-GYN. She asked me to have another transvaginal ultrasound …