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OOTD | Valentine’s Day in Macau

After four days in Hong Kong with my in laws and a baby shower right after our trip, I am still exhausted to be back at work. I even had a fever last night because I am so tired. I answered 100 emails and I am only six weeks away …
Beauty & Style

Up close and personal: FOTD from the past

Prior to this blog I have done several looks already. I am fond of makeup and I have lots of them, though I am not dreaming to be MUA by profession; I like the idea of being somehow good at it as a hobby. I am not comfortable posting photos …
Beauty & Style

Oath Taking Ceremony

my friend Kate asked me how did I made this…. Babe told me that I looked like a doll (amazing huh?) The photo above was 6 hours already (no more concealer see?). I look like a laundry girl early that morning (said my boss)  so I decided to transform at …