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My new toner: Milea Lemongrass Facial Toner

I was running out of my astringent/toner and I walked the aisle in Trinoma going to National Bookstore. I found a kiosk named Sesou; somebody telephoned me, I slowed down and then saw it. They are selling Milea Products – How awesome is that? I immediately purchased my soap (I …
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Skin 101: Oily Skin

From my previous post (click if you haven’t read it) I discussed How to know our Skin Type. Today I am sharing more knowledge and more based on experience encounter on how to take care or at least tame oily skin. I considered writing Tips on Thursdays. I mentioned facial …
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Skin 101: Know your skin type

Hello everyone, I am so ecstatic to write this post. I received a DM in twitter (follow me there, use the button above)  asking me tips about Oily Skin. Before we go through the whole tips of taking care of our skin. Let us know our skin type first. Here’s …