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Boracay 2012: Food Trip II (928 Café & Grill)

The nearest food establishment in the Inn we stayed. They serve breakfast like Tapsilog (Tapa-sinangag-itlog) and other SILOG meals. They also have sandwiches and pastas. Here’s the TAPSILOG. Sinangag is Fried Rice, Itlog is Egg, I don’t know what Tapa is in English but most likely it’s a marinated sirloin/tenderloin …
Food & Places

Boracay 2012: Food Trip I (HUNGRY MONKEY)

They say when get to a place you should taste their local food and other offerings. In my case, they have a good family friend who decided to put up a food business in Boracay. It’s called Hungry Monkey owned by the Valle Family (if my eavesdropping is right ). …