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Haul & Shops

Back to back March & April Haul

Let’s start my come back post with a haul. I got myself couple of things before and after the event (because I believe they are essentials). First stop… Primadonna | Php999.75 I got it on sale it’s former price is Php1399.75 since I will be attending a formal event and …
Haul & Shops

Haul | December 2013

I am planning to make my 2012 rundown as I finally found a way to insert photos in my “abnormal” blog. It’s extra work because I have to host the image via Photbucket before I can insert them here. Oh well, I am just going to show you my December …

Haul Post: Toiletries and others

Shampoo, conditioner, tissue, and cottons easily run out so I see to it that every other week my stocks are enough. So for this month’s toiletries (and makeup) haul. I bought… Facial Scrub from St.Ives Facial Moisturizer from Celeteque Deo from Human Nature Shampoo & Conditioner from Sunsilk I also …