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How to Best Track Your Weight Loss Progress

Setting off on a weight loss journey is no simple task. For most people, the road tends to be long and bumpy at times, requiring plenty of motivation on your part to keep going. One of the biggest motivators is to know you’re getting results. This helps to push you …
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Losing Weight (2014)

Happy Friday! It has been five days after my event;  after preparing it for a year the event went by so fast. Now I am doing the post event report and eventually will start preparing for this again for 2015. In organizing this annual convention became automatic for me, making …
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SureSlim PISO Program

Now that it’s 2014 let’s continue the hype of the first quarter by committing to be healthy throughout the year. I know we cannot do it all by ourselves that is why a lot of facilities now offer services that will help us achieve our goals. I too already started …