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Me Time

This is my second tagged post, Nicole tagged me again. Keep reading so you will discover more about me.

#1 – I used to be a theater actress and kissed two men

The Glass Menagerie

I knew your eyebrows raised already but yes you saw the picture right. I had two major acts during college. The photo above is from The Glass Menagerie, I played the role of Laura a crippled woman who fell in love with Jim O’Connor but he was already engaged to be married.

The second play was The House of Bernarda Alba where I was a stubborn daughter who had a secret affair with my sister’s fiancé. We make out number of time in the play.

I still want to be in theater someday.

#2 – I collect post-its, pens, notebooks, hotel toiletries, flash drivespost it

Ever since I started working I have been receiving premium items from different program providers. Instead of giving them to my siblings I collect them all. The post it above are just some of them. I have the flash drives, notebooks, and others displayed in my bedroom.

Since I travel also for work I collect shampoos, shower gel, lotions and other toiletries. I just like looking at them and tell myself “I’ve been there, you know”

#3 – I have weird taste buds

Pininyahang Manok

Since I know how to cook I can easily identify what spices/herbs/ingredients were used in a dish. I can also identify what is lacking.

Sometimes when I eat I compare it to things that we all know we do not eat. For example for Chinese food “Ano ba yan? Lasang Intsik?” (What is that? It tastes like Chinese” and my colleagues will say “you ate a chinese already?” LOL for pink lemonade from Racks I said “Ano ba yan lasang lababo?” (It tastes like sink)

I have other comparison like cockroaches, carton, Indian,  Grocery, and a lot more.

I believe the smell determine the taste. haha

#4 – I am self acclaimed photographer and artist


I took a photography workshop in college and from then I found love in taking pictures of my surroundings. This photo is the sunset view in front Café Breton in Mall of Asia. Though I do not SLR I am using Canon Powershot S90 I am confident that I can take good photos.

As for the artist, I can’t draw. But I fell in love with graphic applications so all the graphics you will see are made by me unless otherwise stated. I studied them all alone I am thinking to get a course in graphic design to pursue the career. Meantime this will be a hobby.

Maybe I am good with imagination and application. haha

#5 – I love making surprises for my boyfriend


He was my first boyfriend and I am so glad that until now we are still together. I love making surprise for him I sometimes include his friends and my friends just to pull it off.

The photo above is taken during his birthday 2010 when I stood outside his review center with balloons and waiting for him to come out.

When he finally came out I said “Happy Birthday” and all his friends and co reviewers where taking picture of us.

I know he was really embarrass of what I did but totally worth it.

To name a few, I arranged a dinner date for our anniversary, cooked an entire feast for his birthday, bring breakfast to his house, wake him up, prepares his lunch and bring it to his school/office, send him letters, and many more.

I love doing it for him and his appreciation makes me exert more effort in making him “kilig” once in a while.

If you need a surprise for your loved one, call me. hahaha

There you go, it’s a little bit long but I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I skipped the tagging part but please do it. LOL


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