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This or that?

Nicole of Axons and Dendrites and Eya of eyahnism tagged on this post. Since I haven’t done any tagged post lately I decided to do this.

So let’s get started…

Blush or Bronzer?

BRONZER. A square moon face is not flattering so I chose bronzer, specifically matte, because it contours my face. My jawline and cheekbone becomes more define and it also give me a nice nose shape. For shimmer bronzers, it gives me a sexy glow. I actually do not use any products on my cheeks as much as possible because I have broken capillaries and I tend to breakout.

Lip Gloss or Lipstick?

LIPSTICK. I am very vocal when it comes to lipstick because I love my lips. Lipsticks gives the right color and texture that I want unlike glosses that are sticky.

Lip Butter or Lip Balm?

EITHER. They are both lip moisturizers it just depends on the formulation, smell, and tint.

Matte or Sparkle?

EITHER. They both have functions that completes a look. I like using them both.

Foundation or Concealer?

CONCEALER. I have bad veins and dark circles, concealer gives me more coverage and I don’t have to put it on my entire face, so it feels less heavy. Plus, it comes in wide variety of colors and undertones.

Gel, Liquid, or Pencil eyeliner?

LIQUID. The line is bolder. Comes with different applicator and it’s handy compare to gel liner. While pencil liner tends to smudge if not set with a black e/s.

Loose Powder or Pressed Powder?

PRESSED POWDER. It’s compact and has a mirror. Loose powders are messy IF not at home.

Liquid, Powder, or Cream Highlighter?

ALL. They have different finishes and I like using them all depending on my mood.

Brushes, Fingers, or Sponge?

ALL. They give different finishes too but brushes are the most precise.

Waterproof or Non-waterproof?

WATERPROOF. Panda/Raccoon eyes is a CRIME. LOL

Products I cannot live without?

Lip Balm, Mascara, and Powder

So there, I hope you learned something about me from this Tag post. Since most of my blogger friends tagged one another already I will not tag them anymore. LOL

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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