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I got a free sample of the Vitamin E moisture cream and I fell in love with it. When I visited The Body Shop again, I got curious with the Vitamin E Eyes Cube. Since the Vitamin Eyes Cube alone will cost me P750 she suggested me to get the travel set for my pleasure.

For P1500, I got the travel sizes of the following (1) Cream Cleanser; (2) Hydrating Toner; (3) Moisture Cream; (4) Eyes Cube. The entire set is so gentle and it leaves my face hydrated, it smells so clean too.

My skin type is combination and if you are on the oily side, I suggest to only use this set at night. This would be the best combo for restoring loss moisture. My favorite, Eyes Cube, is best to use every after exposure to computers as it soothes the eye area. It doesn’t promise less dark circles but it can lessen the puffiness and tiredness of the eyes.

I suggest to place the Eyes Cube in the fridge to enjoy a cooling sensation when applying. It is really relaxing the eyes after a long day of encoding office documents (or thesis for students).

I am not really a fan of the cleanser cause I feel it won’t clean my face, but for people with dry skin, this might work. I like how Body Shop produces travel friendly bottles of their products and packing them together. If you are going somewhere better check out their other sets and you might want to get them for the holidays (Vitamin C Line). 


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