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Happy Thursday everyone (not so happy for me), I am doing a quick post today because I have a 1 pm meeting in Makati later (goodness no one told me about the meeting and I look like a disaster *sobs*).

Anyway, I bought a lash pad recently and I want to share my thoughts on eyelash curlers.

Eyelash curler is a great tool because it makes you look awake and the mascara can perform better on your lashes.


I had this curler since second year college. This is from Nichido around Php100+ if I remember correctly Php179 to be exact. I had around four curlers before I settle down with this one. Plastic curlers don’t work well with me as well as curlers with springs. I have one battery operated but triple A batteries are expensive. (stingy Sammy)

Throughout its life, the pad can no longer curl your lashes. What you gonna do? As for me I do not throw it right away instead I purchase lash pads.

I notice that the better the lash pads the better the curl. Since the curler itself is sturdy (it’s metal) it really can last a lifetime.   IMG_5276

I usually get my lash pads from the same brand where I bought my curler. It costs Php75 for three pads and it lasts 3 – 6 months.

I also purchased one before in Landmark Trinoma and the performance is better – the rubber is thicker. Unfortunately it’s no longer available. Maybe Saizen or Daiso has one, I will check.

It saves money (and mother nature) if we know how to take care of our tools.

I heard Shisheido curler is really good, I wonder what’s the difference.

TIP: Curl your lashes first before applying mascara or else… goodbye lashes….

How about you? Do you buy lash pads too or purchase a new curler? What kind of eyelash curler do you have?

Let me know below.



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