The Faceshop Philippines Bloggers’ Party and Makeup Workshop

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I felt flattered about this event because the email sent to me was in first name basis and I didn’t signed up for anything to be invited.


Chief Makeup Artist, Ms. Marge Apacible (Sorry for calling you Marissa hehe) is very accommodating I am speechless with her hospitality and the rest of the staff.

Below is Ms. Marge I first met her in the Maven Beyond Blush 2. So gorgeous noh?


I came in very early, 30 minutes early so I sat outside TGI Friday’s and waited until the clock strikes 3.


And from the escalator Helen appeared. OMG I am not alone. When we decided to go in we were welcomed by sumptuous meal.





After eating we took some photos first.


Then we headed to our assigned stations with one makeup artist and one hairstylist. We were told to instruct the MUA & HS base on the peg we chose using their new makeup line – Lovely Me:Ex. The theme were colors and prints.

This is our model Claudine.


She was one of the Top Girl Models (contestant? runner up? sorry I forgot to ask).

I instructed to use lilac and gold on her eyes then an up-do for her hair.


She is very pretty and she indeed knows how to project in front of the camera. After the makeup session we had a little photo-shoot. DSC_0051

Her drop feather earrings looked great in her hair do.


She is the debutant of the day because of the makeup peg. haha

I was thinking now that I should have tried my skills putting makeup on somebody instead of giving instructions. haha

This event was very intimate I must say. I got to bond with my blogger bff Helen (I am claiming it, sorry HAHAHA) and new found friend Gen-Zel (nice meeting you).


I am excited as we are going to be together at the BDJ Fair on Sunday. Weeee

We had a little drama as Helen and I were mistaken to be together as Helen’s RSVP email was not read. I will not spill what else happened after the confusion but we are glad that we resolved it at the end of the day. (I will be waiting for the package **)

The Faceshop was so generous to give me this.


So I will have Part II (Lovely Me:Ex line) and Part III (My Shopping Spree) of my The Faceshop Experience, stay tuned okay?

Again I would like to thank The FaceShop Philippines for inviting me. I hope to be in your next event.


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