Thicker Lashes Trick: Beauty Secret PH Eyelash Serum

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Do you want to have thicker lashes?

Thicker lashes are everyone’s dream, at least my dream. My lashes are long but straight and thin. There are few mascaras that can really do the trick but after some time it weighs down my lashes.

I had an eyelash extension twice and it made my lashes thinner than ever. It looks nice in the beginning but really hard to support. I have read home remedies on using Castor Oil to help your lashes grow thicker. I use to get a small bottle in Watsons and apply few drops on my lashes every night.

Like any other product, if you are not consistently using it, you will not see the desired results.

The Castor Oil

Cold pressed castor oil is beneficial for the skin, hair, and health in general. It is quickly absorbed, moisturizes, and softens the skin by its emollient properties. Other listed benefits include:

  1. Hair Growth and Thickener
  2. Treats dandruff and other scalps problems
  3. Hair conditioner
  4. Treats split ends
  5. Thickens the eyelashes and eyebrows
  6. Dry Skin Remedy
  7. Reduces scar appearance
  8. Prevents stretch marks
  9. Treats brittle nails
  10. Heals cracked heals
  11. Treats ringworm
  12. Removes corns
  13. Cures warts

How to use Castor Oil

To treat skin problems– use a cotton ball and apply directly to the affected area. Leave for an hour and rinse. Do this morning and night for a faster result.

To treat acne – wash face with warm water then gently massage castor oil in a circular motion. Leave overnight then wash the face in cold water the next day.

To treat stretch marks – Rub castor oil on stretch marks daily.

For thicker lashes – gently apply castor oil on eyelashes and eyebrows for a couple of minutes. Leave overnight and rinse with warm water the next day.

Beauty Secret PH Eyelash Serum

So I saw this eyelash serum in Robinson’s Galleria a few weeks ago. I immediately bought one as I had my lashes extended last March. I thought I can keep up it but I am completely wrong.

Eyelash Extension

₱800 | Xtensions Salon, SM Cherry Congressional

It looks so gorgeous but then I cannot wash my face thoroughly. Frequent water exposure of the glue will shorten the life of the extensions. I also have allergies and my eyes are always itchy so I forget that I had one. I end up losing the fake lashes one by one together with my real lashes.

My dream to have thicker lashes are back to square one. As per this serum, the active ingredients penetrate into the eyelash follicles which promotes growth to longer and thicker lashes.

What I love about this product, it is already in a mascara tube which makes the application easier. It is mixed with Aloe Vera extract and Vitamin E for added benefits.

The consistency is not that thick so some product might drip on your eyes. It might cause irritation so use a tissue to catch excess product. The serum is best applied at night before bedtime. You may include it in your nighttime skin care routine.

I am still not using it consistently so I hope to see results or at least recovery of my lashes.

Where to buy?

You can get castor oil on Watsons, just ask the pharmacy. It is usually in a dark glass bottle. You may also get it online via your trusted social marketplace shops or find them on bazaars.

The wellness industry is booming lately. More people are inclined to address health concerns holistically.

Any secrets you want to share with me?



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