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A Burberry jacket is one of the stylish accessories any fashion-conscious lady can own as it is one of the high-end designer brands of clothing in the world today.

The fashion house that boasts of millions of Burberry sales also makes bags, tops, pants as well as accessories, though its leading product which has brought fame to the organization is the unforgettable trench coat. A Burberry jacket is a fashionable and classic piece of clothing that remains in vogue every year.

Making a fashion statement does not come cheap, and the Burberry jacket is not usually budget-friendly for most people out there. But one thing stands out as attested by the myriads of Burberry sales over the years; the jacket lasts for several years and always trendy.

If you’re looking to invest in a classic Burberry coat, the best place to get one is at a boutique. You can go for any Burberry jacket you want based on the color, material or style as this timeless piece of clothing looks polished all the time.

Here are tips for buying a Burberry jacket:

Pick Out a Coat Style

There are three noticeable styles of Burberry jackets, and each of these styles has its own silhouette and look. The distinct styles have a variety of closures, lengths, and embellishments.

Therefore, fashion police always advise that you go for the right Burberry jacket, based on your preference as well as your existing clothing so that the entire ensemble will complement your wardrobe.

Price is also a significant factor that must be brought into consideration as it ranges according to the design and the materials of the jacket.

The three distinct Burberry styles are London, Brit, and Prorsum.

Choose a Jacket Material

Burberry jackets come in different materials; there are less expensive polyester and cotton Burberry coats as well as the more expensive animal hair jackets, etc. There are several options available for you to choose from, depending on fashion sense or specific needs.

Leather Burberry jackets – Burberry coats made of leather are durable, mid-weight, and supple. They also come with a soft lining and made from 100 percent genuine leather obtained from lambskin. This is the best choice for you if you need a leather jacket that can resist water yet complements all your clothing.

Cashmere and Wool – If you’re looking to add luxury and softness to your look, then go for Burberry jackets made of wool and cashmere.

Burberry coats made from these materials require dry-cleaning only and must always be taken care of .

Animal Skins – A few of the high-end Prorsum Burberry jackets are made of different animal skins such as calfskin. This coat comes with a touch of fur around the collar. Mink is another common material used in making Burberry coats.

Blends and Polyester – The definitive Burberry jacket is made of poly cotton and polyester blends. It is lightweight, machine washable, and comfortable. It comes with plaid Burberry lining and is easy to care for. A lot of Burberry sales fall into this category.

Pick a Coat Color

Burberry became famous over the years for the symbolic Burberry plaid which lines the trench coats made by the fashion house. However, there are numerous shades to take into consideration when buying a Burberry jacket for women.

Go for a Burberry jacket that complements your daily lifestyle and wardrobe. Since Burberry coats are available in more than a few colors – from violet quilted jackets to khaki trench coats, forest green, plaid, burgundy, etc. – make sure you choose a color that brings out your overall beauty in a good way.

In closing, make sure you choose a Burberry jacket that is the best fit for your figure by measuring the bust, hips, and waist.

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