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This blog is on and off for the past few days. Technical issues have arise due to wrong codings, useless plugins and spammers. It’s a huge headache for me cause all I know is to write and take photos my knowledge on web development are from books not from a degree (how I wish that I took information technology at the same time).

Enough babbling!

Before I hit the waves (actually typing during the board meeting LOL) later let me give you a quick review on the current makeup remover that I am liking. It is the Tony Moly Clear Water Lip & Eye makeup remover, it is included in the collective haul I posted last month.




The reason I bought this is because of its bottle. I am fascinated with its pump bottle ever since I saw the same kind on nail salons. You don’t have to lift the bottle to pump it, the product will dispense using one hand.


This makeup remover is water-based (obviously) unlike most remover in the market which is oil-based. It’s smells like coconut water and with just two pumps it can remove the makeup on your entire face (depending what kind of makeup).


The above photo is the sample of the makeup removed from my face. I tried it with a red lipstick and waterproof mascara and liquid liner.

So far I really like how it glides smoothly on my face. You don’t really have to wipe vigorously for you to remove your make up on.

I must say makeup remover should be a staple in every girl’s kit especially if you are the one who wears makeup all the time.

We should not rely on facial cleanser alone when removing makeup. Prior removal is a must so we won’t damage our face.

Damage in a sense where there are makeup that is hard to remove we tend to scrub so hard. Well in fact the formula of facial cleanser will not remove the makeup alone.

Using makeup remover will make facial cleansing less a burden. And it will make sure a squeaky clean face afterwards.

The Thumbs Up

  • efficient bottle
  • affordable – Php389 for 165ml
  • non-greasy
  • has a pleasant smell
  • does not compel with facial cleanser
  • feels clean even without rinsing
  • can be used on the entire face, not just eyes and lips
  • The Thumbs Down

  • none so far – among all the makeup remover I’ve tried (Maybelline, Nichido, Dove)
  • Tip/s

  • using cotton pad is easier
  • rinsing with a facial cleanser will deliver squeaky clean face
  • can be use as spot cleaner for brushes (small brushes only to save the product)
  • the bottle is recyclable – you can put your acetone here or toners
  • Thus…

  • if you do not want to use oil based makeup removers and you are a fan of Korean products I will highly suggest that you give this makeup remover a try.
  • Got to go. Sending kisses from Boracay Island.

    SAMMY xx

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