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If only we can stop our skin from changing and let it stay like we were babies… Everyone will be happy… From bad skin care, free radicals, and environmental factors, it contributes.

Good thing there are products in the market to help us hide those flaws. I am talking about large / visible pores, most of us have it. And if we apply make up, we just emphasize it instead of hiding it.

The solution for this is primers or pore fillers.

This is what I found.

Egg Primer

When I saw this in Tony Moly, I remembered a fairytale. I thought this was a lotion like their Tomatox but this is a primer.


Basically if you have a large pores this product can fill it to create a smooth canvass for makeup.

Its texture is drier than a lip balm very far from usual silicone based primers nor the cream types.

It contains egg white properties which tightens the pores.

It has a cooling sensation too and smells pleasant.

Upon using it…

egg pore 2

Egg Pore 3

See? it’d smoothed away my pores and it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

The product said, you don’t have to put it on your entire face you just have to apply where the pores are really obvious.

The Thumbs Up

  1. Uber Cute Packaging
  2. Lightweight
  3. Non-Greasy
  4. Fills in the pores without clogging it
  5. Blends smoothly with BB Creams/Foundation
  6. It holds the makeup in place
  7. Controls oil
  8. I love the cooling sensation it gives

The Thumbs Down

  1. It could be expensive for some. It is like you paid the packaging more than the product.
  2. It consumes space on makeup kits.

Product Improvements

  1. I wish there is tube version of this so you could carry it around.

Overall, I suck at cute packaging that is why I bought it. I didn’t regret though because it is really effective. I now prefer using this compare to my other primers (I only have two, btw). I consider repurchasing it if I ran out. Red heart

What is your primer? Do you use one?

Let me know below.


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