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Why products have very long name?” Tell me…

CC Cream

50ml • Php948 • Tony Moly Stores / Department Store Stalls

-The Celebrities’ Secret Revealed –

After BB Creams, CC Creams are the rage in the cosmetic industry today. Do we have to blame Koreans for such influence?

Before we talk about the product itself let me tell you what are CC Creams a.k.a Color Corrector/Control Creams.

CC Creams started in Japan and was developed in Korea. Its main purpose is to give the skin a natural looking coverage, more or less it is like an improved version of BB Cream.

CC Creams are more lighter compare to BB Creams, it doesn’t have a coverage too (some CC Creams do). It aims to correct pale tones, redness, and dark shadows.

Some primers are CC Creams already, the one with the Green, Purple, and Peach in color as it corrects the color of the skin.

Now let’s go to this Tony Moly. 


It comes in a black & white pump bottle. Very hygienic and efficient to use.

This CC Creams has 7 in 1 skin benefits which are the following:

  1. Anti Wrinkle
  2. Whitening
  3. moisturizing
  4. Has UV Protection of SPF 30 PA ++
  5. A primer
  6. A makeup base

(Why only six? Ha!)

cc swatch

It is white and I noticed some micro beads in it. It’s very light and comes in one color only. When I blended it, it toned down my redness.

I have dark circles, broken veins, blemishes, and red nose.

I tried to put it on the other side of my face only but I can’t spot the difference so I blended it altogether.

*Photos under natural lighting*

So what happened?

From DULL to DOLL looking skin.

It’d evened out my skin color now it’s perfect for foundation/ BB Cream.

I thought it’s too white for me but it seems that I just applied a moisturizer. Can you believe it?

PLUS… it really gives luminosity to the skin.

I tried going to the office using only this with a mineral veil on top and I am impressed.

The Thumbs Up

  1. Overloaded with skin benefits (I am excited with the result in the long run)
  2. Evens out skin tone
  3. Corrects minor skin problems – redness, paleness, dark shadows
  4. Lightweight
  5. Non-greasy
  6. No oil build up throughout the day
  7. Semi matte finish
  8. Creates smooth canvass for foundation
  9. Doesn’t react with other products used on the face
  10. Pleasant smell
  11. Simple Packaging

The Thumbs Down

  1. Can be Expensive for some (it’s always my concern but I still buy it, haha)
  2. No English translation for product description. If a product will be globally distributed the description, label, and the like should be English or at least available in 2 – 3 languages.

Overall, I can see myself using this CC Cream on a daily basis because it is so lightweight. I can feel that my skin is exfoliated too because of the micro beads in it. It’s the perfect base for me and best of all I can wear it alone.

Check out this YouTube Clip about this CC Cream 

I heard there’s a DD Cream already so I will be waiting for the EE cream in the future. LOL

Would you try this?


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