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Building your makeup empire? This for you.

As promised (I made a twitter promise to my reader Hannah and Nicole :-*) I will write an article about makeup essentials for those who are starting their makeup kits.

Most of us wants to have makeup but going to department stores and beauty counters makes us confuse what to get first. When you inquire, they will persuade you to get all of the items they sell. Which is not good, we don’t want to break the bank.

So I am listing down the things I believe every girl should have on their starter kikay kits.

makeup collection

1. Foundation and/or BB Cream – Our skin is not flawless. We have zits from time to time, redness, sunspots, dark circles, and the like. Foundation is great to even out our skin tone; choose a formula that is suitable for your skin type – liquid, powder, cream, etc. I included ‘and/or’ BB Cream because I do not advise wearing foundation on a daily basis, BB Cream is the best replacement if you do not want to wear heavy makeup. It gives light to medium coverage great for everyday use.

2.  ConcealerThere are parts in our face that needs extra amount of coverage. Especially dark circles and blemishes. But there are tons of concealer in the market, what we should get?

ELF concealer

The above palette is called a corrective concealer from ELF.

The Lightest Shade is for dark circles; we should use one shade lighter to cover our dark circles, so it reflects the light back and to look more awake. Using a darker concealer makes us look like a raccoon, who wants that?

The Green concealer is for the red patches we have in our face most of time around the nose. Don’t be shock about the color we are talking about camouflage here.

The Pink concealer is for our broken capillaries found around our cheeks.

Below is what I use under my eyes from ELF. 

Corrective ConcealerIt does wonders. Wohooo I prefer cream type of concealer, you may choose to have the liquid type it depends on you.

3. Pressed / Loose Powderpowder is used for retouching throughout the day and sets the concealer/foundation to stay in place.

4. Neutral Eye Shadow QuadTo add color to our eyes pick a quad that has matte and shimmer finish. Choose flexible colors that can transform from day to night.

This is my recommended quad.

Mac Eyeshadow

It has white, brown, black, and bronze. Is that really bronze or burgundy? haha

5. Eyebrow Pencil/Powder/KitVery self explanatory. We created a clean canvass with concealer and foundation but we now look like Mona Lisa. If our eyes is the window of our soul then the eyebrow is the ‘Window Frame’. A well defined brows makes a BIG difference, thick brows make you look younger while thinner brows make you look older.

Revlon Brow Fantasy

Please stay away with over plucked one liner brows okay? Love the brows we were born with, just remove the stray hairs.

6. MascaraPraise the girls who were born with full-thick lashes. For those who don’t make mascara your best friend. Black Mascara makes your eyes sexy and alluring. *wink* Choose a formula that suits you best.

7. EyelinerI prefer to have nude and black eyeliner pencil. Black is great for Smokey eyes while nude or white makes our eyes look bigger and makes us look awake. As for winged and cat-eye liner, I suggest to have liquid or gel liner. Its consistency makes it easy to apply and makes the line precise.

8. Bronzer and BlusherBronzer to contour the face – jawline, temples, and below the cheek bone. Matte gives you a subtle and more natural sculptured effect while shimmering gives you a sun-kissed effect.
I have both shimmer and matte from The Body Shop.

Body Shop Bronzers

As for blush-on it gives us natural flush on our cheeks. This one again depends on your skin color/tone.

My skin prefer this, Nichido True Color Blush in Tomato.

Nichido Blush On

But depending on the makeup I am wearing sometimes I wear peach, orange, and even fuchsia.

9. Lip ColorI will not instruct what kind of formula (matte or glossy) you should have. It’s up to you but I prefer to have at least red, pink, and nude lippies.

LipstickYou will never go wrong with these. Include a gloss here and a lip balm.

10. Highlighter (Optional)I have one this to accentuate my brow bone, upper cheek bone, and cupid’s bow. White eye shadow also do the trick so you don’t have to buy another one.

This is my highlighter from ELF.

Shimmering PaletteShimmering Palette SwatchThe formula reflects the light making your features stand out.

As for the tools you should have curler, angled blush brush, tweezers, dual ended eye shadow brush, mirror, sharpener, and blotting papers.

The above products use tools to be applied. Let us stay away from using our fingers. ok? haha as much as possible.

So there you go. I hope my Top 10 Kikay Kit Essentials helped you in starting your make up empire. Once you find the right products you can eventually experiment with the colors, textures, and shades. 

Let me know in the comment section your thoughts on this article.


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