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Boss Babe

Why a Podcast?

I’ve been into podcast for a while now because my team in Sydney always sends some resources hello, Curly Girl – SEJ she is a badass writer by the way. It’s informative, inspiring, and entertaining at the same time.

Also, whenever I commute and (in waze’s voice) heavy traffic reported ahead I am no longer dizzy from reading in transit. It also helps me fall asleep at night and let me check my 30 minute learning session for myself.

A dream to be a Podcaster

I also listen to podcast because I want to scale this blog to have a complimentary audio. I am still not clear what to talk about because I am all over the place.

So, I am compiling my Top 5 current playlist that I hope will inspire your daily lives.

1. Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis

This is from a recommendation. I love listening to success stories and learn hacks from Girl Bosses. My favorite episode is the one with John Maxwell.

Rachel also has books which I purchased on Kindle called “Girl Wash your Face” and “Stop Apologizing”. I am currently reading the first book and it’s a must read too.

2. The Melissa Ambrosini Show

If you want to deep dive with you sexuality, learn about marriage, and of course business, you will enjoy Melissa. She is so sweet because when I DM’d her that I got her book “Master your mean girl” and “Open wide” she replied with voice message.

My favorites are the Monday motivations cause it so relaxing and you got your instant affirmation too.

3. The Productive Woman by Laura McClellan

This podcast gives in-depth insights on how are you going to improve your life. Whether it is time management, sticking to a habit, or dealing with conflicts the takeaways are really helpful.

4. Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations

Oprah’s voice is soothing and at the same her wisdom is something you should cherish. She interviews thought leaders across the globe and give insights that will help you evaluate your current situation.

5. The Boss Babe Podcast

Boss babe is a new podcast show from a community of ambitious women and female entrepreneurs. I first found them in Instagram and their page is so inspiring. It’s awakening your dreams to be your own boss babe someday.

The topics they cover is helpful and the format is like you are talking to a friend.

Where to listen?

I listen from Spotify but you can find their syndication everywhere. I just find Spotify convenient since I also use it for music.

There you have it. I hope you’ll find these suggestions helpful to you. Let me know what other podcast I should listen by commenting below.

I would love to explore more contents.

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