Top 7 things to do when you are overwhelmed by Social Media

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Hyperconnectivity gives me anxiety. I came to a point where I would hide my mobile phone on my dresser and forget about it. These are the days where I would sleep 12-14 hours and forget the world. 

My nature of work sometimes requires me to be online 90% of my waking time. Every time it rings, my heart skips a beat; thinking that I have forgotten something for my work or client. 

I know it is my fault that I have reached this point, but hey, if you are experiencing the same thing…

Here are my top 7 tips if you get overwhelmed by using social media

Time block your use

You wouldn’t want to be stressed first thing in the morning. It is best to dedicate time in a day where you will check your notifications. I suggest doing this towards lunch, say 11 am so you will be forced to be on a break by noon. 

If you do it this way, you will have control with the things you are going to read and can make a better decision towards it. 


This is the best decision I made four years ago. I had this boss who always calls me after office and during the weekend only to vent out wrongdoings of my colleagues. 

At first, my do-not-disturb setting starts at 7 pm, right after work. As I have mastered not entertaining work calls after my shift, I moved it to 10 pm – 6 am. 

Just do not forget to add your spouse, immediate family or best friend to your favourites so they can reach you if there is an emergency. 

Bonus tip: You can also assign ring tones to them, so you will know who is calling. 

Turn off app notification or add a screen time limit

I combined these two tips together as they work hand in hand. I started by limiting my social media use to three hours per day, then, later on, one hour only. 

There would be days that I needed social media for work, so it suddenly crashes, and I will keep renewing for fifteen minutes. So what I did, I swept the setting of each social media site and turn off push notifications. 

I also removed the preview message for messenger apps. I am only accessible real-time via WhatsApp and Viber. 

My Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other sites are turned off. I even deleted some apps that I felt will do more harm than good to me like Twitter. 

If your work involves social media, you may opt to use a different email/accounts to access them so the personal and work communication won’t mix. 

Think before replying

Just like think before you click, think before you answer or even before you open the message. Asses how urgent those messages are if they are an inquiry or just a random message from friends. 

I should say be careful absorbing messages as it affects yourself too. Choose carefully. 

If it also helps, do not mix your messenger apps, if you can use Viber/Skype for work and the Facebook messenger from others, you’ll be able to control it more.

Do not take it as a personal attack

Some message exchange heats up. If that happens, since chat messages do not have a tone in it, remove yourself from the situation. Understand where the other person is coming from, they could be going through something. 

I used to get angry with message exchanges between my husband and me. I have always heard his messages as sarcastic and careless. Same goes with my client, my head would imagine that they say it looking down on me. *laughs* silly me!

Always be the better one, if it is about work, know that they are not after you as a person but the circumstance. If it is someone important to you, it is better to talk it out face to face. 

Hibernate if you must

This past few weekends, I don’t use my phone that much. I was recollecting my thought of how to be a thought-leader or an influencer if I won’t be taking many photos. 

Being present at the moment is more important that taking snaps and trying hard to be someone I am not. 

I have become obsessed with this blog to be in debt to keep up with the trend. The end result I am not at par with the others. Comparing myself to others made my vision blurred of what is essential and my blessing I have right in front of me. 

If we take time to be off our phone and be with the people, we value the most those relationship will be nourished, and memories will be cherished. 

Choose yourself first

I have come up with this article as I am dealing with the same issues I am trying to escape. But laying this all out made me choose myself first. 

I have always loved sharing my stories with other people with the hopes of inspiring them to be bold and chase their dreams. If we choose ourselves first, we will be able to gain energy to give some love to others. 

To end this

It is okay to get overwhelmed sometimes, like what I have mentioned earlier take some time to step back and recollect.

The technology we have right now made our lives easier and made us wiser. We should use it to fulfil our mission and give back to others. 

I hope you’ll take some time to pause not to escape life but to enjoy it and be in it. We only live once, let us not regret it.  

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