Treasure Hunt: The Body Shop Haul


It’s All Saint’s Day today and I am hoping you spent time to visit your loved ones who passed away, as for me I can’t. We just settled all our things to our new home and we are still unpacking stuff. It’s a little hot in my room while unpacking so I decided to make a post.

I found these products while packing my toiletries and I noticed I have many Body Shop Products. I am an LYB member that is why, I am buy during Christmas where everything is on sale.


I actually had more Body Shop products than these. I already consumed the others like the Vitamin E skin care line and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Foundation.

Here are the products above:

Vitamin C Refreshing Face Spray

Candied Ginger Body Butter and Shower Gel (Gift from my sister-in-law)

Honey Bronze Matte Bronzer in Medium

Baked Bronzer

Honey Bronze Lip Nectars (Honeybunch came from Maven Magazine)

I love the bronzers from Body Shop it’s the only bronzer I use, matte and shimmer, depends on my mood.

I already took individual photos of each products and I got the swatches too. So expect product reviews before the long weekend ends.

I will now draw the winners from my giveaway before my my mom scold me. I need to finish fixing my room.

Open-mouthed smile


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