Two-sided fitness marketplace Onekeelo launches, connecting consumers with personal trainers from all around the world at any time of the day


MELBOURNE, Australia, March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Onekeelo, the fitness marketplace that connects personal trainers and body transformation specialists with exercise enthusiasts has globally launched. This new online platform is innovating the way people select their trainers, providing filters on the platform for people to select from, making finding the perfect trainer effortless. Onekeelo gives consumers the option to work out with trainers from all around the world, opening up time and price flexibility too. Furthermore, trainers are using Onekeelo as an additional form of income, increasing their client base to connect with people from all around the world and can also use the platform to upload workout guides to their profiles for people to purchase. 

It is estimated that the fitness instruction industry is valued at over $94 billion dollars according to The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association and with more gyms and sporting clubs forced to limit memberships and comply with COVID-19 restrictions, demand for individual personal trainers is rising. Of all certified trainers in the world, 50 per cent are made up of self-employed professionals who are struggling to promote their services in these unprecedented times. 34 year old Australian, Geoff Measey, founded Onekeelo when he realised finding a suitable personal trainer was more difficult than it needed to be. The entire process of sourcing the right trainer was tedious for Measey, with most trainers exclusively available via a gym which required a membership and those that were available were unable to workout with him in the early hours of the morning before his children woke up. Furthermore Measey was doing endless research to find someone who had a personality match to the style of motivation he required. He didn’t want a drill sergeant, but needed someone who just knew what they were doing and could help him reach his goals. Measey came up with the idea for developing the two-sided marketplace that provided a range of filters to support the needs of the individual consumer. Onekeelo allows people to filter their needs by price, gender, country, city, personality type, training style and see trainer ratings.

“I’ve always been into exercise and when I worked out with a personal trainer I was in the best shape of my life. Halfway through a 12 week program my trainer designed, he got injured and couldn’t come to the gym with me anymore. My motivation was lowered and it became a hard task to complete each day and although I finished the program by myself, I really didn’t know what to do after that to keep my fitness up.” says Measey. “Onekeelo flips the traditional approach to personal training upside down, and allows the consumer to take the reins on finding their perfect trainer rather than being told what they need by gym managers. Onekeelo also enables trainers to increase their income and client base too. There are only so many people a trainer can work out with in one day. For those trainers who have reached client capacity, they can upload workout guides to their profiles for consumers to purchase. Onekeelo simply provides consumers with options for personalised training all on one centralised platform.”

To ensure consumers had plenty of trainers to choose from, Onekeelo has been available for trainers to join for a couple of months and already has over 1,200 trainers on the platform from all over Europe, North American, South America, Canada, Africa, Australia and Asia. Trainers are utilising the downloadable programs section, with 50 workout programs already available for purchase, some starting as low as $5.00. Trainers specialising in muscle gain, body-building, core strength, weight loss, pilates, boxing, nutrition, functional workouts and even pre and post natal exercise can all be accessed on the platform at a range of prices. Consumers simply create a profile, filter their preferences and select a trainer that best meets their needs. From here, the trainers are able to speak with prospective clients via the chat system.

“I’ve never earnt this much before from my fitness coaching or programs” says Jodie Walker, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. “I’m selling so many of my workout programs via Onekeelo which has boosted my income and allowed me to expand my services to help even more people. The entire platform has really changed the way I look at training. My client list is growing day by day as I’m able to connect with people from all around the world and it’s just so easy to communicate with everything being online.”

Onekeelo is a web based platform available on all internet browsers. The startup plans to expand its service with the development of an app in the coming months.

For more information, visit, Instagram: @onekeelo, Facebook: /onekeelo

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