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After weeks of fixing my site I am happy that I was able to post this cupcake feature.

Today I bring you, PASTRY-RIFIC, a home based business by two sisters. According to AJ, this is her feasibility study during college. It was also chosen as the best feasibility study of the year. I am fascinated to know that those paperwork never have to stay in the college library because it was brought to life. Maybe we should dig our boxes and check our school papers because we never know, it can draw our future.

On to my feature….


Everyone loves personalized today, from shirts, mugs, slippers, pillows, and cupcakes, we always want to add a little of ourselves in to it. I was very lucky to taste all flavors and I am going to describe it one by one.

I arranged it according to my preference.

1. Choco MintIMG_0173

I am a sucker for Choco mint and any food that is Choco mint most likely I am going to eat/buy it. I even mix mentos and chocolate just to get rid of my Choco mint cravings. When I saw this green and brown swirl I knew that something magical will going to happen to my mouth.

I even ordered a Choco mint cupcakes (for valentine’s and le bf’s birthday) before they even started the real business.


I rate this flavor 5/5 Hot smile the cake is moist, the flavor is balanced (chocolate and mint), the icing has the right consistency. From the first bite I saw gates of heaven. I know I am exaggerating but if you are a Choco mint lover like me you’ll agree. For those who are not, well this is still worth the bite I tell you.

2. Mocha


Simple yet delightful. If I am not insanely in love with Choco mint this my number 1. From the outside you’ll think that this is an ordinary cupcake but don’t be fooled by your eyes.

I rate this flavor 5/5 also. If you know the mocha biscuit Hansel it has a similar flavor but this is more delicious of course. The cake is moist and it has nuts, the flavor is in the icing complimenting the cake. Most cupcakes have strong flavors on both parts which is not pleasing to my taste buds so I am giving this a mocha flavor Thumbs up

3. Spicy Wicked Chocolate



This one is controversial, I haven’t seen/eaten any cupcake like this. I thought it was red velvet cake but I was wrong. This is a spicy cupcake, I am not really sure how am I going to describe its taste but it kicks your taste buds.

I will rate this cupcake 5/5 also because of its uniqueness. The combination of the dark chocolate (if I am correct) and the chili (is it really chili?) is perfect. It’s like a match made in heaven. Can you imagine eating something mouth-watering and then before you swallow it there’s a little spiciness between?

Those little candies made an impact too. I suggest having this flavor for themed parties like Halloween or Stag Party or Bridal showers.

4. Lemon


A refreshing cupcake. This one reminds me of our local macaroons because of its texture the citrus flavor from the lemon gave a mild kick and the icing has a lemon flavor too.

I will rate this cupcake 4/5 I find the icing a little powdery. I cannot describe thoroughly but there it turns to powder once it hits your lips.


It’s delicious Thumbs up

5. Carrot


I feel I am arranging the cupcakes a bit weird. I thought it was an orange cupcake but I am pretty sure that they had enough of the citrus mania from the lemon.

This one is carrot with a combination of cinnamon. [Am I right pastry-rific?] Oh well of all the carrot cakes I’ve tasted this is the most appealing because it doesn’t taste like ordinary puddings.

I will rate this cupcake 4/5 also I noticed one small chunk of carrot inside. It would be better if it’s shredded or minced so that it will be properly distributed.

6. Marble


I forgot to ask the owner whether this is one-half white chocolate and one-half dark chocolate or the design was just completely a design. Open-mouthed smile

I will rate this 3/5 because I don’t find a distinct taste to it but the cupcake is well-baked. I would say that this is the most flexible cupcake in the flavors. The client may choose different flavor for the toppings because I am sure that will go perfectly with anything. For me I would ask this Marble cake could be a Banana Marble cake to add more kick to it.

7. Vanilla


This is really cute. I like the intricate rose detail of the icing. This one would be super perfect for weddings, its elegant and it has a romantic appeal to me.

Can you imagine this in a tower with a doll couple wearing tuxedo and gown at the top? Red heart

I will rate this cupcake 4/5 I like how simple it is. This is the cupcake that you can give out to everyone because the taste is balanced. It is not to sweet nor to bland. Again the cupcake is well-baked, the icing is perfect.

8. Chocolate



See how pretty it is?

If you are wondering why this is on number 8, it is not that this is not delicious. I find chocolate as the most common flavor among all cupcake sellers out there. Although chocolate is a must have that just my opinion.

At first I thought this is blueberry because it’s color blue, obviously but it is just plain chocolate.

This is 5/5 it is the most moist cupcake from the box that I got but mind you this is extremely sweet. Hot smile

9. Ube


This one looks like it has a big marshmallow slammed on top. Whenever I see this it reminds me of Smurfs, haha Although I am a huge fan of anything purple I just do not like them in food i.e. Ube Flavored anything, grapes, and blueberry.

I will rate this 3/5, the taste is similar to Pan de Ube the real flavor of Ube was overpowered. The cupcake is again well-baked not dry and not too soft.

10. Peaches & Cream


This one is gorgeous but it’s on my bottom list.


I will rate this 3/5 it’s peaches and cream but I cannot taste any peach nor cream in it. Maybe the peach could be infused in the cupcake and the icing could be more milky/creamy. I understand peach is expensive so with or without the syrup is okay.

The cupcakes are inside this box.



That is their logo…


They hand delivered it so rest assured that this cupcake will arrive as pretty as the photos.

As for the general comments, having in-house or fixed flavors are great but they should be open for customers’ request (I am sure they are). Try to be more consistent with the texture and flavor of each cupcake especially for bulk orders. But sometimes if one ingredient react from the other each flavor will definitely be different.

I am giving Pastry-rific 10/10 because as a new comer they were able to gathered orders from various customers. With their determination they can soon penetrate the sweet tooth world in no time.

Their products are pretty affordable too, you can enjoy discounts on bulk orders.


To know more about Pastry-rific you may visit them on Facebook and see their other designs and catered events.

My head got literally big when I tasted everything. haha

Note: I am not a pastry expert. This is solely my opinion, flavor preference varies from person to person.

Drinks lots of water and brush your teeth afterwards.


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