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This has been in my drafts for some time and I always use this for a full makeup routine. Highlighting is one of my favorite techniques as it illuminates the face and gives a fresh look.

Ultraflesh_Strawberry Net


Strawberry.NET sent this to me for review.

Ultraflesh ShineboxThe packaging is similar to the Victoria Jackson’s Survival Kit. It’s compact, small, and handy.

Shinebox, Strawberry NetWhen I figured out how to open it, it looks like a utility knife, where all the things you need is there. It has one powder highlighter, two cream highlighters, two shimmer eyeliner. I was really amazed as it is rare to find a palette of highlighters. I swatched it immediately.



The shimmers are subtle, not overpowering when you apply it. It’s like your an angel from heaven when you use it. The cream highlighter is perfect for the nose bridge and cupid’s bow; I used the powder for my cheekbone, and of course the eyeliner for the waterline.

This collection is versatile, you could use it wherever you want.

Likes: The cream is not waxy. The powder is almost like cream, although it looks dark in the photo its finish is translucent. As for the eyeliner, it’s vibrant. I don’t use the white often as it’s too bright for my eyes, the rose gold on the other hand is perfect for instant “I am awake” look.

Dislikes: Not available in PH. No brushes included.


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