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Hey everyone,

Sorry being absent for two days. I ran some errands (Driver’s License and doctor) and it was Holiday yesterday (Pasig Day). I usually blog at the office, more comfortable for me.

Thank god for the holiday I was able to have ‘me’ time. I headed to my favorite spa near our house.

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I had the usual – manicure and pedicure. All I can say about this place is they have the best massage therapist and nail technician in town. It is actually my fourth time to visit them. I am a spa hopper and I usually come back to a place when I have liked the services.

The place is spacious.


It is a two-floor establishment; the photo above is their place for foot spa, manicure, pedicure, and other activities related to the nails.

They have a reception area by the way (which I forgot to take a photo of). They have separate room for foot reflex and the massage area is upstairs.


They also have a designated area for kids. So while mommy is having her mani/Pedi the girls could enjoy too.

They also have Cable TV so you can watch while being pampered and they have Wi-Fi too. Amazing isn’t it?


They also offer hot or cold tea before the session start (vice versa on massage). I had cold yesterday because it was so hot outside.

Look at my feet being soak.


I will definitely come back here because they recently offered this… (1 Stamp for every 350 pesos worth of service)


About the price, it’s affordable.

So if you are residing in Project 8, Quezon City you better check this place out.

Hope to bump one of you there!


Unan Spa is located at #18 Shorthorn corner Aberdeen Street, Project 8, Quezon City.


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