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I have always wanted to try Sip & Gogh ever since it came to business. I am seeing my friend’s post about and even some events. I was looking for a buddy who will enjoy this kind of activities.

On our third wedding anniversary, hubby decided to experience it. After a quick church visit at Padre Pio to offer a rosary, we walked to Eastwood and found Sip & Gogh.

So what is Sip & Gogh?

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You take a sip of Cabernet while trying to be Vincent Van Gogh. It’s the first paint + sip studio concept in the Philippines.

I like how the owners humbly said that they are not wine connoisseurs nor painting masters.

They are a place where you can explore your creative side and release stress.

How to Sip and Gogh?

You can find the nearest branch to you and walk-in. To secure a slot, you can go to there website, choose a branch and schedule a session.

For our session, we just walked in.

They provide you with everything you need – from canvas, paints, brushes, palette, easel, and apron. Just bring yourself, your creativity and enthusiasm.

The session

When you get there, the staff will ask you if you will attend a workshop or get into the painting with an art instructor. You may also choose the package with snack and drinks.

They will then ask you what painting to copy. It is hard to decide, by the way. After choosing, they will prepare the materials and give you your apron.

The instructor can headstart the painting, but you can be brave and go ahead with it.

I chose a silhouette painting because I love the night sky then hubby chose a spring forest painting.

The experience

Sip and Gogh Eastwood

It was relaxing. We were silent and concentrating during the entire session, to see that we were able to mimic the painting made us ecstatic and wants to come back again for a session and try another picture.

We would appreciate it if it came with wine versus the juice.

I highly recommend giving it a try. You’ll be surprised how your mood will change.

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