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Prior to this blog I have done several looks already. I am fond of makeup and I have lots of them, though I am not dreaming to be MUA by profession; I like the idea of being somehow good at it as a hobby.

I am not comfortable posting photos on SNS because haters going to hate. They do that for a living. They keep on criticizing someone when it’s not even their forte at the first place.

I attend meetings and parties most of the time and compliments inspired me to practice. Magazine and internet became my inspiration. I read books and eventually discovered my own way.

I put makeup that will make look presentable.

But there came a time that I lost my self esteem doing it.

It’s the time where I got hospitalized and took several dosage of steroids. I have asthma and I a little bitter about the result. I gained twenty pounds and the worst feeling is that I cannot be tired anymore so no strenuous exercise for me. I did circuit training without consulting a physician so it triggered my asthma back.

Here are the looks I did before DISHYSAMMY was born.


1. I feel like a model from a high end magazine.


2. Blue and Green for work but BF thinks that green is a little bright.


3. Meeting my BFF at Tiendesitas, Purple and Gray


4. I have new foundation (In2it Dual Powder Foundation) and false lashes.


5. I love wearing deep matte red lippie. Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Storm


6. I called this Tokyo Drift. I was trying to recreate Bianca Gonzales’ look in the AVON Brochure.


7. After Party Look. It’s the induction of our Board of Directors. Demi lashes and nude lips.



8. My Holiday look. Green Winged Cream Liner. I worn this during our Christmas Party. Earrings are from Quiapo Php15.00


9. Another Christmas Party Look. Black cream liner and purple eye shadows. I curled my hair too.


10. Christmas Party with the barkadas. Double winged liner. One is black the other one is purple glitter.


11. Birthday makeup look. Silver and Black Smokey Eyes.


12. My meeting look. Pink glossy lips and blush.


13. At home playing with false lashes again.

I really enjoy painting my face for special occasion but most of the time I look like a zombie. I have terrible dark eye circles and I am lazy. haha

Now that DISHYSAMMY is born I wonder if I should make more FOTD. What do you guys think?

I am gaining my back self esteem and posing on cameras again. Your compliments and comments inspired me a lot.

What is your favorite look? Let me know below.

Check out my latest FOTDs.



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