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The time of the year when we dug out our bathing suit and walk through a hot sand. It’s my favorite season – SUMMER.

Last April 21 & 22 we had our company outing. The team was really planning for a Boracay getaway but the decisions were late and the air fare reached the most expensive price ever (just exaggerating, hihi)

So to play safe we chose Laiya, Batangas. We were laughing that we might try all the resort there before trying other regions’ beaches.


Have you ever wondered if there is a beach that is beautiful and picturesque, clean and quiet, yet not too far from Metro Manila? There is such a place. You can find it in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. It’s called VIRGIN BEACH RESORT.

Virgin Beach Resort sits by the shores of Laiya, facing east, adjacent to Sigayan Bay, one of the cleanest bays in the Philippines. The resort has more than a kilometer of pristine white sand beach. Its waters are pure, serene and crystal-clear. The majestic Mount Lobo serves as a tranquil backdrop to its beautiful beachfront. If you are appreciative of such a place, then come and experience Virgin Beach Resort.

I was really wondering if the resort can prove whatever their site claims and the answer is YES.

Since it was Sunday most of the guests were leaving and we are the only group left in the resort. Party smile

We were welcomed by a calm beach. Serene surroundings and a very laid back personnel.


No other decorations just pure beach madness.

We had our lunch when we arrived.


Pandan Gulaman for their welcome drink.


Cucumber Salad. Thumbs upThumbs up


Grilled Chicken Teriyaki and Seafood Au Gautin. Thumbs up


Banana Fritters for dessert. Thumbs upThumbs up

The food package costs Php1600/head which includes Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast. I forgot to photograph our meal each day because I preferred to toast myself under the sun. haha

They were all plated because we are a small group but if you are more 30 pax you can have your food buffet style.

It’s a complete meal because you have salad, soup, main course with two entrees, and dessert. Plus a free flowing Kapeng Barako, you got to love Batangas because of the coffee.

After eating we went to a Parasol near our Villa.


And swim.

Me enjoying the beach.

There were a lot of fish swimming with us.

We saw this puffer fish.


I spent my afternoon trying to catch the others but I failed.

We saw five jellyfish swimming with us too.

But compare to Balai sa San Juan, the number of Jellyfish here was tolerable.


And then the sunset.


We headed to the dining area to have dinner.

and I call it a day.

I got up 6AM the next day and took a walk.


See the sunrise?


I took a walk by the beach to enjoy the surroundings.



This is the dining area.

I repeat the place is so peaceful and quiet.


And some cottages.

They divided the area for Day Tour and Overnight stays which was a brilliant idea for me because I don’t want to mingle with groups at the beach.

So selfish of me. haha


The water that morning was crystal clear, though a little rocky. I still enjoyed it and took a snapshot before dipping in the water.

I am such a happy girl.




I love the leaf stepping stone detail in the whole resort. I feel like a frog hopping from leaf to leaf on a pond.


And this tree caught my attention.

I want to climb it but it might break cause I am too heavy. haha


This is there Fan room called Cabana.


With a rope swing outside.


See I am so heavy? haha


I was surrounded by mango trees, can you see the fruit?

Oh it’s time to go.



My Virgin Beach Resort experience was really delightful. I always want a place to escape where I can just feel the water and the wind, forgetting the busy streets of the metro.

I salute how Virgin Beach resort preserved the nature wonders of Laiya. You don’t have to put such gimmicks to make the resort attractive. No need for other facilities and recreational activities, no noise, the place itself is appealing.

If you are somebody like me who enjoys a peaceful place I definitely recommend this resort.

Tip: Go on a Sunday. Thumbs up

To know more about the resort – rates, accommodation and all visit there website at or visit there Facebook

Enjoy your summer everyone.

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Camera used: Canon Powershot S90 | HTC Chacha Camera

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