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16 November – I got the chance to take a sneak peek of the new eye shadow  collection from Virginia Olsen Minerals. They call it the FANTASY COLLECTION.

fantasy ad

If you haven’t heard about Virginia Olsen, they are the mineral cosmetics company based in the United States and now making name in the Philippines.

What is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic, and hypo-allergenic. Mineral makeup contains powerful sun blocking minerals, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These two ingredients provide natural broad-spectrum UVA, UVB and URA ray protection.

Virginia Olsen Fantasy Collection

Of all the mineral eye shadows I’ve tried I like the colors in their collection, very unusual for a mineral makeup and very pigmented.

The colors is almost similar to pigments pot other regular makeup line does. 

For the Fantasy collection they have – Crescent Moon, Fairy Dust, Star Dust, Moonlight Star, Tinkerbelle, Kryptonite, and lover’s moon. See even the names are eye catching.

Of course I didn’t just take a look at the new collection. I also examine their regular eye shadows and took home their best sellers – Plum Lovin’ and Jirbie. 

Virginia Olsen Eye shadows

I call these shadows a chameleon because it transforms once the light hit them.

Virginia Olsen also presented us their other products such us make up brushes.


It doesn’t feel synthetic at all and it is 100% eco friendly. The synthetic bristles are hypo-allergenic and safe for delicate complexions. The sleek ferrules are made from recycled aluminum. The natural bamboo handle has a low impact on the Earth’s resources as it is a highly sustainable plant

It is design for both dry and wet products.


What takes VO apart from other Mineral Makeups is their Green Tea Line it is formulated using the nourishing, toning, healing and skin protecting ingredients: green tea leaves, zinc oxide, plus rice & bamboo silks—which come from the buds of the rice and bamboo plant. It is combined with cranberry powder for flavonoid and antioxidant properties.



Since we are a small group we had fun exchanging ideas about makeup and I gain new friends again – Joyce (; Gem (; and Kath ( Of course Hazel ( is there being the Marketing Assistant of VOM.

We spent the whole afternoon taking swatches of the products.

Virginia Olsen Minerals


Gem, Hazel, Kath, Me, Jirbie (Marketing Manager of VOM), and Joyce

Virginia Olsen

We had a little raffle and Joyce won the Sophia Eyelash Enhancer. So I better watch out and wait for Joyce’s eye lashes to grow. This costs Php2750 and if you want to have it Subscribe to the December Box of Salad Box (I forgot if I should say it) but yes I am subscribing. hahaha

I went home with this.

Virginia Olsen

Happy Happy Birthday to me from Virginia Olsen.

Virginia Olsen

Eye shadow brush, Tinkerbelle, Hide-A-Pore in Light (Green Tea Line), Plum Crazy Blush, Medium Cool Matte Foundation, Plum Lovin’, and Jirbie

Their range of colors are unbelievable, you will absolutely have one for your skin tone. They are very generous to let us pick what we want and gave us discount.

To know about VOM you may reach them at the following portals:

Until my next post loves,



VOM makeup workshop

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