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Virginia Olsen Lip Gloss


“I still have a lot of products taken by my old camera. 

When I learned about organic and mineral makeup I thought they can only cater to eye shadows, but because of studies, they can now make lipsticks, lip glosses, and even mascara.

Just this first quarter of the year Virginia Olsen released their lip gloss. It’s made from pure, all-natural organic ingredients and natural pigments, making it a safe choice, especially for those with very dry and delicate lips.

Virginia Olsen Lip Gloss

Available in six exciting shades for only PhP250, I got to try the #002 and #006 although they have names I cannot name mine. *laughs*

Virginia Olsen_lip gloss_Swatch

VO_Swatch 2

I love how light and moisturizing it is on the lips. It fills in the line while giving it a hint of color. It is actually not too glossy for a gloss, it looks natural. The sheen doesn’t stay for too long, but the color is there.

#002 – It can be used alone or on top of any lipstick. It can neutralize a red or orange lipstick or enhance any lipstick with the same color range.

#006 – It’s a clear gloss with gold glitters. This is best used on the center of the lips to give a 3D effect. I don’t think you can use it alone if your lips is not that pigment or has uneven color.

It smells nice too — not the fruity type, if you’ll ask.

For me this is a good alternative for commercial lip glosses in the market.

Yes, it’s Monday today and I wish you all to have a great week ahead. 


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