V&M Minerals Invincible Phase Mineral Veil in Lucid

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Finally I will be able to blog about my favorite finishing powder I’ve been using since December 2012. Like I’ve said on my other post on mineral makeups every brand has their holy grail and I think V&M got my thumbs up in Mineral Veil.

Php255 | 10 grams | Available Online or through Bazaars and Distributors

The reason I purchased this is because I was amused when I tried their tester. It made my skin instantly flawless and glowing.

It seals the makeup in and it prevents oil throughout the day.

If there’s a magic powder this Mineral Veil could be one. I tried this on my colleague’s face and her skin transformed from dull to glowing too.

It seems that this powder sinks in to pores and fill it to create an even skin tone.


  • This is a little messy. The powder is concentrated you can’t tap off the excess easily. You may need a bigger container to do it or just use the product on the lid.
  • The lid is sometimes hard to open and close.
  • It doesn’t come with an applicator but your small powder brush will do.

I am so fond of this product, I hope they will not discontinue it. Take a look of the photos (from VGA Camera) I took using the mineral veil.

Although I need a good concealer,  the all over face texture is glowing. I love the effect on pictures, they are all under natural lighting.

What’s your favorite photo?



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