W-KON to launch ‘Two-Kon Service’ in June


Users can make international calls just like local calls

SINGAPORE, May 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — W-KON (CEO Yeong-oh Byun), the Korean branch of WORLD WIFI FOUNDATION, announced that the company will be releasing Two-Kon service in its global mobile content platform business department in June.

Two-Kon service is a communication service that provides specific numbers designated for international calls to users. Users can make international calls conveniently using these international phone numbers. And this service is free to make phone calls to seven countries including the United States, Canada, China, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea without any inconvenience in international roaming costs. These international calls in 7 countries are 70 percent cheaper than regular international calls.

In addition, Two-Kon service is developed to help foreigners staying in Korea to contact their family back home more conveniently. According to Statistics Korea, the number of foreigners staying in Korea is estimated to be 2.52 million in 2019 and as the number increased by 6.4% in 2017, 8.6% in 2018, and 6.6% in 2019, the market is expected to grow much more in the future. 

Those who apply for the Two-Kon service will be given the desired country code on their mobile phones through the W-Kon application.

Users will select the desired plan from the Two-Kon service and receive a specific set of international phone numbers for the desired country when receiving international phone services between Korea and selected countries. If a user calls from home to abroad, they will be charged the same fee in the local currency in the country where they live.

Additionally, users can make international calls at a 70% lower price compared to normal international calls if they use their e-wallet which is made by W-Kon. W-Kon is also planning to expand its services to help users to make money transfers overseas more conveniently.

Yeong-oh Byun, the CEO of W-KON, said "We are living in the global age where the development of info-communication technology removed barriers between nations. We are planning to start with 7 countries including the U.S, Canada, and Vietnam and expand our services to over 70 countries in the future."

He stated "W-Kon is planning to target global markets, especially Southeast Asia, by including a variety of Korean mobile content including mobile messenger, finance, cloud, web-toons, games, music, movies, and TV series within its own communication platform. We have already signed a contract to export these services with partners in Indonesia and Thailand and we will take an active stance in the development of customized content for overseas markets amid the era of non-contact and additional projects to create extra revenue by cooperating with other Korean IT companies."

Furthermore, W-Kon is planning to export a variety of content created by Korean info-communication technologies for overseas markets by working with KMT (Korea Metro Telecom, CEO: Dong-Jin Yeom), which is working on a public WIFI network facility installation project as a part of a national policy project in Southeast Asia. KMT’s MHN (mobile Hotspot Network) is a public WIFI network which allows faster WIFI speeds and transfer of larger data without delay.

Lastly, after establishing a communication infrastructure KMT, W-KON will be able to show once again that Korea is the IT power by focusing on various contents created by Korean information, communication technology and messenger projects developed by W-Kon.

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