Week 15: Managing Pregnancy Back Pain

Health & Fitness Pregnancy Diary

Symptoms: Fatigue / Lower Back Pain
Food Cravings / Aversion: None
Featured Product/s: Back Massage Stretcher

Back pain is one symptom I’ve anticipated. I was diagnosed with bone spurs on my L1 – L2 spine, and it’s excruciating. Another reason for the pain is my weight. Aside from my boobs, my tummy also shifts the centre of gravity, making it more painful for my lower back. 

The doctor prescribed some pain relief meds, but I never really took it. I tried managing my weight and did some yoga to manage the pain. It becomes more bearable except for some circumstances where I over walked or lifted heavy items. 

At 15 weeks, I do not have a pronounced baby bump, and my weight hasn’t changed. But the pain is starting to affect my sleep (aside from frequent urination). It is hard to find a sleeping position that would not press my bladder or stretch my hips. 

I wonder if I should get myself a pregnancy pillow, but you’ll see. I will update you with my next purchase. 

Back Massage Stretcher

Back Massager
Shopee Ph | Php 290

What I did purchase is the Back Massage Stretcher with Magnetic Acupressure Points Back Pain Relief. It will help relieve chronic back pain for five minutes a day, improve posture, and align the spine. 

About the product: 

  • Acupressure Massage – the back stretcher has ten magnetic points and 96 acupuncture massage points, which bring acupuncture effects by deeply pressing specific acupoints. It helps promote blood circulation, relieve lumbar spine fatigue, back pain, sciatica, muscle pain, etc. 
  • Ergonomic Design – fits the human body’s natural curve-traction spine curve design, closely matches the spine, helps correct, and improves posture. The silicone pad in the lumbar support device’s center provides cushioning to ensure your spine feels comfortable. 
  • The material is environmentally friendly made of ABS materials, harmless, environmentally friendly, and durable. The lumbar stretcher device can bear up to 100kg. 
  • Three Level Design – 3 adjustable settings for use by different abilities or ages. Easy to set up, set the curvature level according to your needs for comfortable stretching, relief pain, and relief nervous tension.

I first tried level one, but there is not much change on my spine. Of course, you won’t see instant results, but I felt the much-needed stretch I am looking for when I switched to level two. The box says not to use the product for more than twenty minutes a day. 

What you will feel

You will feel a stretch near your shoulder blades. Sometimes you will hear some cracks upon lying down. There is not much feeling on your lower back, but you know it is getting corrected as when you get off, you will that your spine is returning to its current placement. 

I continue with stretches afterward, and I recommend using it before sleep for ultimate relaxation. 

As always, speak to your doctor first before getting something like this. The product has a precaution for pregnant women. Listen to your body and discontinue use if you feel more pain than relief. 

How to manage pregnancy back pain

  1. Squat and keep your back straight when picking up objects.
  2. Avoid lifting heavy objects. 
  3. Move your feet when you turn to avoid twisting your spine.
  4. Say goodbye to high heels. Wear flat shoes to distribute weight. 
  5. Book a prenatal massage. 
  6. Do prenatal yoga or stretches (cat and cow pose FTW). 
  7. Use a maternity belt. 

When to contact your doctor

Back pain could be a sign of labor. If you are in your third trimester and start experiencing severe back pain, contact your OB-GYN immediately.

Are you also experiencing back pain? How are you managing it? 

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