Week 9: September Surprise I AM NOW PREGNANT

Health & Fitness PCOS Story Pregnancy Diary

Symptoms: Overfatigue / Morning (Evening) Sickness
Food Aversions: Rice and eggs
Food Cravings: Bread and Citrus Fruits (Oranges)

For some, announcing the news this early is a no-no as the risk of miscarriage is still high. The rate will drop as you move to the second trimester, and I still have another three weeks to push. 

I still cannot believe I got pregnant. When we do our checkups way back, the doctor will advise to lose weight and reduce stress. Come to think of it; my profession – event manager, is the number five most stressful job in the world. 

And then COVID-19 happened, public gatherings were not allowed. For the past six months, I stayed at home and focused on my remote digital marketing job. 

I would say that stress is reduced because I do not have to deal with clients and stay up late for their requirements. Physical stress is also reduced from travelling and light lifting of our stuff. 

We’ve modified that food we eat, tried some fitness boxing over Nintendo Switch, and insert fertility yoga routine when possible. I even tried sleeping before midnight (I cannot do it now). 

Perhaps the collective effort prepared my body to conceive. I remember I read from the Period Manual Repair book; it says that our body is designed to procreate and has a survival mode. If the body thinks that your body and the environment can’t bear it, it will switch off procreation. 

How amazing our body could be? 

Until today, when I browse through pregnancy apps, it still feels like magic. For someone who is still confused about what direction to take this is an ultimate plot twist. 

This month is also the PCOS awareness month. I would highly recommend for PCOS patients like me to do research and get away from metformin and OCP prescription. Listen to your body and identify what causes your symptoms. One flick of a switch can change everything. 

Even if you are not planning to get pregnant, still address the concern and prioritize to be healthy. 

I wanted to take you to this miracle journey. Our progress may be different, but I tell you, just like from the song there’s a rainbow always after the rain. 

Stay Safe! 

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