Week Long Celebration Day 1–Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things

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So it was Monday yesterday (obviously), I had a bad day and I am cramming some letters to be mailed today. Here I am multi tasking once again.

It’s my birthday on Saturday and I am turning 23. Before I do not like the idea of getting older, I always want to be 19 but now I want to be 27.

To savor my upcoming birthday, the boyfriend treated me for dinner at the Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things is SM Megamall. It is near Subway (our favorite place) and we were eyeing this restaurant for days.

Finally, we were able to taste why many people dine here.

Look what we ordered,


We were seated outside and there was a couple eating I do not want to hit their heads.


The ordering process is similar to Yellow Cab. They give paper plates, paper cups, knife and fork, and there is a paper towel on the table.

The order arrived.


The CHILI CHEESE FRIES – It’s fancy cut potatoes with chili con carne and cheese sauce. DELICIOUS! Thumbs up


The MINI CHEESEBURGERS with grilled onion and cheese sauce – The idea of three small burgers is appealing. Unlike other restaurants which serves enormous burgers this mini burgers is more enticing. You’ll ask for more.

I really love the onions inside, very sweet, well caramelized.

And of course, The BUFFALO WINGS in New York’s Finest Sauce DevilDevil Haha I used a devil emoticon to indicate the level of spiciness of this dish.
IMG_6630They have two more spicy sauces, non spicy sauces, and two even more spicy sauces. I am curious to try Armageddon and be like Adam in Man vs. Food.

The color indicates that this is a one hot chicken wings, but it’s not. Totally tolerable, according to my taste buds it’s a hot sauce simmered with butter.

I do not know if this is the taste of an authentic buffalo wings as I’ve tried McCormick’s Buffalo Wings mix, it’s more flavorful for me.

We only ordered 1/2 pound of wings, you can always choose how many you can eat.

The prices are reasonable (I lost my receipt) but all of these costs Php550.

As for the place, it’s small. I wish they have a larger place where they can accommodate everyone inside.

We will definitely come back to taste the other sauces.

Wee, I am excited to explore other restaurants for my birthday. I still do not have plans because I am attending a beauty blogging related event that day.

I wish to have a blast.

Until my next food trip,


To more know about them visit there FACEBOOK.

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