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After netball practice, I booked a relaxing massage because I was feeling really sore in my legs. After talking with the therapist, I realized a deep-tissue massage was what I needed. During our session, I learned about the different types of massages and wanted to share some of what I found out.

The first thing I learned was that a deep-tissue, or sports massage, is the exact opposite of a relaxing massage as the massage therapist got her fingers deep into my aching muscles! I heard, during my winces of pain, that the technique works to release lactic acid which can build up after exercise.

While I didn’t see any athletes in the waiting room, I was told that this is the type of massage that sports professionals and weight lifters use to decrease their recovery time.

All I know is that it wasn’t entirely pleasant, but it certainly worked.

When I asked about relaxation massage, I was suggesting a hot stone massage. During this treatment, you would lay down on a massage table, and they place hot stones up and down your spine and across your shoulder blades. I thought that it would hurt, but I felt one of the rocks on my way out, and it seemed to be a nice level of hotness.

Of course, while we were on the subject of relaxing massages, I had to ask about a Swedish massage. I quickly learned that Swedish massage was what I wanted every day. The idea behind Swedish massage is to completely relax the entire body! This is done by long strokes by the massage therapist that helps blood circulation and blood oxygen levels. All I could see was myself drifting off to sleep and never wanting to leave the massage table.

I could say that that was all the time I had to learn about massages, but the truth was that I was struggling to listen to what was being said because the intense massage I was receiving! The next time that I’m feeling brave I’ll pay her another visit and see if I can wince my way through another lesson.


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