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My Evernote is full of checklists for topics I want to write, but here I am trying to make all posts perfect when I should just be writing.

My last post was about the travel journal which I didn’t use by the way because it is too pretty to write on. After we came back from that awesome trip, a lot of things happened, well even before the trip I should say.

Career updates

If I have not mentioned, I left the corporate start up once more. Metro Manila traffic is getting worse, and I am really not into the 9-5 schedule. The work hours are okay, it’s the 2-3 hours before and after the shift makes me despise it.

I got a couple of interviews, and as usual, I am either over or under qualified. I cannot blame them every company has different needs and set of qualifications for talents they want to on board. Recruiters first impressions and judgement is a glimpse of your destiny.

Maybe the job isn’t really for you…

Anyway, my high school classmate introduced me to her best friend looking for an offshore marketing person. Events industry still but this time I am on the digital side. Working from home is the best thing ever.

Two months later, I am enjoying and learning a lot. It is a bold realisation cause what I have always known for the past nine years is already outdated.

I spent part of my salary buying books and enrolling to online classes. My original plan is to get MBA, but I have to set that aside one more time for this year.


Speaking of learning investment, I also joined a Success Squad club. It is a group of individuals wanting to be successful in their chosen careers. We have two mentors who are already successful in digital marketing.

The surface looks polished.

New hobby

I also got into serious Feng Shui and crystals. My grandmother is a believer as her patients were Chinese. Another high school friend sent me online resources to practice it, and it works.

Well, it all boils down to your belief and the law of attraction. Whatever our mind conceive we really can achieve.

I started with charms and some auspicious figurines. Then this month I got pendant crystals and smudging sticks – white sage. I just checked out my shopping cart with TAI SUI (Boar is my direct animal clash) then more gems. I am saving for a wind chime and singing bowl for next month.

I also started calculating my KUA and BAZI. I’ll dedicate a post where I will enumerate the practices I’ve tried.

It is a full moon today, I was advised to take moon bathing with my charms and auspicious accessories, because why not?

Moving forward

If you are following me on Instagram, my whereabouts are more updated there than here. My Facebook now is only for messenger, and my Twitter is where my heart is.

While waiting for sign off of the things I am working on. I shall write all the articles I have in mind.

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