Why I still blog?

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Blogging is therapeutic

I started this blog in 2009 at a different domain, my first job was not that demanding during its first few months on the fiscal year, so this was born. Nine years later, I still maintain it — blog renewal, hosting, premium subscription. Pikit mata gastos!

I told my success coaches that I want to maintain this blog not as a burden but to serve its original purpose — my outlet. 

Blogging besties

When I shifted to health & beauty, influencer marketing was also a thing. I do not know much technicalities before, but I got invited to some events and met my besties. 

dishysammy x product arena by celline reyes
circa 2015 with Celline
glory of new york event 2013
circa 2013 Glory of New York Event

I prioritized work over this blog, tbh, this ain’t the source of my income and I need to be practical if  I want to keep it alive. I skipped events both direct invites and signups and I was removed from the PR list. Who would want to work with someone who doesn’t go to events or review products in a timely manner?

Blogging today

I finally got over the obligation feeling when it comes to blogging. Of course, I do commit with my blogging schedule and partnership duties, but it was not as tedious as it used to be three years ago. I am still in touch with my friends, our batch,  were really successful now. 

 Just recently and randomly, they messaged me to have a dinner as we spend hours reminiscing everything.

I am inspired where blogging took their careers. Some of us already reached 15k+ followers on social media, the other travels the world, the other is soon to be country manager of startups, and if you will look at it, things are meant to be. 

You know how you nurture relationships by simply creating a hi and hello chat group? I am frightened I won’t be able to connect with them after years but there was a reason we clicked before. 

I really had a good time. 

The future of my blogging

I cannot tell where this blog will take me, but I am keeping it as long as I can pay its bills. As Celline would describe her life and blog as WIP, I have to agree mine is too. This space is a proof that little successes are celebrated and I will be humbled that I started it. 

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