Xcel Hub Guesting: Optimizing your Linkedin Profile

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Happy Halloween!

For this post, I am re-sharing my first webinar with Xcel Hub – a group in Facebook that provides free training for aspiring freelancers.

In this video I am sharing how I optimized my Linkedin Profile to score clients and full time remote contract jobs.

Linkedin is one of the best network to grow professionally. It provides tool for job seekers, recruiters, and sales people.

My current work has a B2B market so we use Linkedin all the time.

One thing I will encourage you to do is use Linkedin to boost your presence and credibility.

Connect with people who shares the same value as you.

I would like to thank all the viewers who gave a positive feedback about this webinar. I hope I have helped you edit your profile on Linkedin.

Thanks again, Xcel Hub.

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