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Watch and Dine at The Yard Street Food Cinema

With the grand opening coming up, I am one lucky gal to have saw the birth of another good place in Timog – The Yard Street Food Cinema. The concept of the food park is to give movie entertainment and good food. If you are familiar with a drive-in movie set up with cars parked in an open space, this one is familiar but different. You may watch movies while crawling from one stall to the other.

The Yard Ambience

I’ve never been to the other two branches of The Yard but I must say this one feels spacious. The staffs were helpful and each stall offers different dishes to satisfy one’s cravings.

The Yard Street Food Cinema

The Yard Food Stalls

Since it is a Street Food Cinema, each stall has movie theme in it. From your favorite Marvel movies to you Disney Pixar ones, they are there. From the dish name to stall design, even serving gimmick has a movie touch in them. Some of them are first-timers, some of them are food park veteran already. Each of them was generous to let us taste their offerings. And even if I am on verge of changing my food habit, I cannot pass on this one. At least for a celebration, right?

the yard stalls

Stalls at The Yard

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Delicious meal to enjoy

With the fast serving paced and need to take each photo of this food, I hope I get the name right. Plus, I forgot to adjust my camera back to its original exposure so some photos will be dark.

Naughty Nachos – Mouth Breather

This Nachos platter is huge, it has cheese sauce, bacon, and Jalapeños. Perfect to go with your movie and chit chats with friends.

Naughty Nachos_The Yard

From Naughty Nachos

House of Griddle – House Baratheon Special & House Tyrel Special

Imagine eating the house specialties of Game of Thrones? If you are a meat and rice lover, this quick fix is good for you. Well cooked and seasoned meat in a nice presentation too.

Top Dawgs – Shamrock

This one is one of the unique dawgs I’ve tried. The cheese is melted in front of us – blow torch and then the bread is charcoal bread. The sausage is juicy and the sauces are out of this world.

Top Dawgs - Shamrock

Above Sea Level – Butterfly Squid

If you are one person who loves WOW in his dish and will take snaps the food before eating, this one is the one for you. The squid is beautifully presented like a monument. Like capturing it is a justice because it deserves your belly.

Above Sea Level - Squid

Mac n’ Chicks – Sriracha Wings

Sriracha is one of my favorite flavors of my wings. It is not too spicy and it is a little sweet. This one is served with perfect potato wedges with garlic mayo dip. Ideal for starters or a beer match.

Sriracha Wings

Waka-Waka – Peri Peri Chicken

I like how this Chicken is presented, hanged like it was made by a tribe. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the sauce is alive. When I say alive, it means fresh and spicy – its spices mixed is freshly made and the flavors burst into my mouth.

Waka Waka Chicken

Crazy Sushi MNL – Crazy Ramen Long

Another eye-catching meal, this time from Crazy Sushi MNL. A conversation piece where you will tear off the ramen little by little until you get to the center – a sausage.

Crqazy Sushi MNL

Stuff it – Smokey Wazowski

Enormous burger with onion rings and bacon in honor of Mike from Monster Inc. I wonder if they have one named after Sulley. You can eat this alone or share it with your BFF, no doubt this burger will satisfy your hunger.

Stuff it - Smokey Wazowski

The God Pasta – Bulalo Pasta

When it comes to pasta concoction, everyone can be smart to invent one. Maybe you like your classic Bolognese but if you are adventurous you should try kinds of pasta from The God Pasta. This Bulalo Pasta gave the satisfaction for bone marrow and pasta cravings we all have. It is served on a sizzling plate too.

Bulalo Pasta

The Lord of the Ribs – Rib Popcorn & Dynamite Ribs

It is true that this place is full of pulutan (finger food) another beer match pick – Rib Popcorns and Dynamite Ribs. The dynamite has a filling and the chili is not so spicy.


Hakuna Patata – Beef Potato Ball

This is also another unique food experience I had. This croquette was served with a syringe for the sauce. How unique is that? I was able to have a good chat with the owner as all her projects are for her late brother. How inspiring and sweet is that?

Sorry for the photo, my camera was set to -2 exposure ✌

Pipa – Taco Pizza

Another favorite because of the flavors. I kept on eating this in between of the other meal served to us. Who would not want a taco and a pizza in one?

Taco Pizza

Pitmaster Grill – Grilled Pork Belly & Pork BBQ

If you haven’t eaten dinner and you want a no-brainer hunger fix, go to Pitmaster Grill – I love everything about this grilled dish. The pork is flavorful, juicy, and tender, add the Java Rice too (I ate 1/4 of it only, do not judge)

Pitmaster Grill

Tikka Tikka Shawarma Burrito – Beef Tika

Burrito, a meal that is small but terrible. It is packed with protein and carbohydrates if you do not like to use your utensils get a burrito.

Beef Tikka

The Yard Drinks & Dessert

What is a place without desserts and something to push down the food to your belly right? The yard offers their signature quenchers and other stalls have unique desserts too.

The Yard Quencher

Inspired by your favorite Marvel characters, they served your drinks in go-to glasses as well as enormous jars for sharing. They even have interactive table gimmick when they serve Hulk, for example. It is in the middle of The Yard where above it will be the projector for the movies. How awesome?

The Yard Quenchers

Crazy Cream

Also unique, of course, they served Wasabi Ice Cream, which is by the way still sweet not overpowering. Then the crazy puffs, a meringue filled with liquid nitrogen to give an icy smoke when you bite. They also have this feature where your drink is printed on the cup seal. It’s personalized and your order will not go anywhere.

Crazy Puffs

Churro Ice Cream

Ice cream plus Churro! Exciting ending to any savory meal you had or a weird way to sober up. lol

The Yard Churros

Overall Experience

Overall, I enjoyed another night with my #TeamAldous family where we bond and eat. Everyone is accommodating and the food is phenomenal. This surely will be a busy place where friends and family will gather for a night to enjoy good food and movie.

For more information about The Yard and their stalls, check out their Facebook and Instagram.
Address: #18 Timog Avenue, Quezon City
Uber/Grab searchable, with ample parking space.

DISHYSAMMY was invited for their soft opening. Should there be other food served that day and not mentioned here, it is purely unintentional as we were all overwhelmed with your generosity. 


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