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It’s #NationalPizzaDay yesterday so we decided to eat pizza last night.

The first time I saw this in billboards I told myself “Why would they put alfalfa sprouts in pizza”

And then BF had this for new year and he said I should taste it too.

So one time we went to Trinoma and ordered Dear Darla.

And oh… Surprised smile

It is so delicious.

Dear Darla Yellow Cab

It is not the regular pizza triangles, the pizza was sliced horizontally.

And then you will put Arugula leaves and Alfalfa sprouts.

Then Chili oil, chili oil, chili oil.

Then roll it.

Dear Darla Yellow Cab

Eat it like a monster.

We ate it again last night because BF was so hungry. He texted me this morning and he said he is still full. Open-mouthed smile

We also ordered meatball spaghetti and potato wedges. We skipped spicy chicken wings this time.

The onions, tomatoes, and olives combined with the leaves and chili oil explodes in your mouth.

This is really a cool and unique combination not only to the taste but also textures.

I like to eat it again.

Have you tried the Dear Darla Pizza?

You should.

Happy eating!


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