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Me Time


I am still having a bad luck uploading my new haul video and every product I want to review is on a road test.

As much as possible I do not like to post non-beauty related things here because I want this blog to be solely about beauty and other stuff related to women & their (our) lifestyle. My personal blog is dying because I learn to filter post that would be visible to the World Wide Web (insert high school rant here).

When I started my small space way back 2003 I don’t aim for readership, I just wanted to vent everything out. Add the social media, particularly Friendster, I became attached.

I love writing and blogging is my training ground. I know I am still not good at it – dangling modifier there, inconsistent voice from time to time, and comma splice everywhere, yet I continue.

Just this night I received a Twitter mention from a reader (refer to the photo above) and my heart melt. All the while I thought I don’t have any reader at all – no comments, no visitors, no sponsors and such.

Like my always joke to my blogger friends, everyone is on silent mode. (Looking at the bright side, no petty competition among the others)

This has become my obsession and I promise myself that I shall write until internet will be faced out of our routine.

In weeks now DISHYSAMMY will celebrate its First Year anniversary. I would like to thank everyone who supports this humble blog of mine.

I want you all to know that every comments, likes, shares, new follows, tweets, and participation in my giveaways are very much appreciated.

YOU all made me smile and feel loved.

I hope to see you always here and join me on my never ending learning journey.


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