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During the Blogapalooza 2014 in SMX Aura Taguig, I stopped by the Sample Room booth and if you are already a member  they will give you a token.

Sample Room


When I opened it, I got the Zen Nutrients All Around Spahhnitizer. I found the name too funny and creative. At first I don’t have an idea what’s with the name. When I used it smells like Spa, because of the lavender, and then since it’s a disinfectant spray, a sanitizer, I realize the reason behind the name. Okay, that is a giveaway. LOL

Zen Nutrients


What I like about this sanitizer is the smell — it smells so relaxing! The smell makes me feel that my hands are clean plus the smell is long-lasting. So when the smell disappears I will apply again.

I have a thing with sanitizers, I love them. Even the commercial Isopropyl Alcohol, I love it, except the men smelling cologne type. haha

What is better about this sanitizer is it is all natural and organic, so no matter how many times you use it, it’s safe. And since all around you can use it in any surface, even as a toilet seat spray. You’ll leave a public restroom smelling like a spa.

I prefer the Lavander over ginger because the Ginger variant smells like the Pau Linament. It’s just me, maybe you’ll like the ginger more.

What sanitizer do you use? Alcohol? Gel Type? Wipes?

Let me know below.



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