Zen Nutrients Smoothening Coffee Scrub

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zen nutrients smoothening coffee scrub

Who doesn’t love coffee? It boosts your energy, it perks up your mind, and it gives you happy tremors. lol I love coffee, it seems like my brain works better with caffeine.

I recently visited the Zen Nutrients HQ in Pasig when they launched their new Argan Oil line. I got the chance to check out the store and get some stuff.

I picked this coffee scrub tub.

It is very aromatic. I used this as dry scrub and the coffee grounds are not harsh at all. It is easy to rinse too, leaving the skin moisturized. 

Do you know that coffee ground scrub breakdown cellulites? It does! When scrubbing, scrub in a circular motion. 

Since this scrub is organic using this 2 – 3 times a week won’t harm your skin. 

This is definitely a bath treat for me.

What body scrub do you use?

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