Four thirty


It was one cold dawn
and I was awakened by a sudden force
I tried to go back to sleep
but my thoughts haunted me
I should proceed to my morning routine
My mind prompted me

I breathe in my day
I breathe out my worries
I must be productive
I must hustle today

I pick up a pen
I jotted my thanks
I am grateful for my heart’s beating

There was once wish
and pain faced me
the truth confronted me

I deny everything cause I am afraid
I fear rejection
and I know I am not okay
I cannot tell nor claim
Am I entitled to miracle or
I am insane?

I cried in silence because I cannot tell
I know I wanted it
but I am too frightened
If my thoughts were loud
Should I stop now?

Will you still be mine
before I reach my deadline

After I wrote the note I am referring in the poem above. The wind chime I have suddenly made a sound.

Thanks for reading.