2018 Journals / Notebooks

Me Time

I love planners and notebooks. I think until now I have a box full of unused notebooks from event giveaways. And even if I have a lot, I still buy especially if it is way too cute.

Last year, my BDJ planner got soaked in water. I had no choice but to redo my entire planner because the writings were unreadable and it stinks. I decided to have a bullet journal instead. After months of trials and errors, I settled down with three new notebooks for this year.

Daily To-Do Notebook

From the photo above, starting on the left. I have a separate notebook now for my daily tasks. Before I have a separate post it for that but post-its are easy to lose. I purchased this in Landmark for PHP 199 and inside you will see blank weeks.

banner year notebook

I like its size, its minimalist floral design, and its paper quality. It has a checkbox on the left, probably for the most important task. Then an ample space under each day for your tasks. The latter part is normal lined notebook perfect for my meeting notes. With this, I can easily jot down my daily agenda. I use an opaque washi tape to cover wrong or canceled task/event.

The Bullet Journal

I am in love with Bullet Journals. I am dedicating a separate post on the pages I have this year. I am using a TN inspired planner with inserts from 168. Yes, they have cheap inserts for only PHP 25 each. I prefer the dotted pages for bullet journals because it is easy to draw lines and other designs.

The cover is from Planners & Journals on Instagram. Although I purchased mine in a bazaar, I was not really satisfied with the outcome. This around PHP 1600+ if I remember correctly (that is why I am using it). Handsewn genuine leather in mint.


I used happy planner’s transparent stickers for my cover design.

Doodle Notebook – Mori Notes Pursebook Journal

Finally, for my doodles. I have been practicing brush calligraphy for a year or two. And although I am not as good as the others, practice makes improvements, right?


This is my second Mori Notes (@morinotes), shout out to Mitzi for sending this over. I like the concept of the attached pouch to the notebook casing. You can bring your pens with you without bringing another pouch for them. I love their funky designs, I purchased a purple abstract last time.

From the last design, this one has removable inserts already. Meaning you can reuse it for as long as you want. The paper quality improved too from the parchment-like paper before.

Each insert has an inspiring quote, inspiring me to write mo inspiration or Bujo doodles to practice on the go.

Interesting Fact about Mori Notes

What I like about Mori Notes is that their company is a Social Enterprise that designs and creates innovative and multifunctional notebooks. Every item is handcrafted and each purchase supports the livelihood of mothers from underprivileged communities in the country.

Not to mention that this Pursebook Journal is the first in the world. They also have other handcrafted products like purses, travel neck pouch, wrap organizers, bags, packaging, and even decor.

I am excited to see the future design of them. They are all perfect gifts for your stationery buddy.

If you are interested to get them they are available at your leading bookstores or you can check their Facebook Page for more info.

My love for notebooks

I am sure throughout the year I am going to see more notebook at bookstores but I will be loyal to these three and maybe get them for next year’s use.¬†laughs

How about you guys? What are your notebooks/journals/planners for this year? Put your social media link to them below.




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