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Date Stamp: 08 May 2015


It was an intimate gathering at the Eyebrowdery Clinic in Greenhills with other bloggers. When I arrived, I saw a golden white space, elegant indeed. I saw a beautiful woman, later that I found out was the CEO of Eyebrowdery, Ms. Klarisse Tabao. We started the program with Ms. Mys Sandico introducing the company followed by Ms. Klarisse to explain the procedure. Ahead of time they asked for volunteers for the real demo, I was one of them.


Before we get into the actual demonstration, let me talk about Eyebrowdery. Eyebrowdery opened last March 1, 2015, they offer the most innovative way of putting permanent makeup and uses natural plant extracts for the dye, making it 100% safe.

The makeup trend is called embroidery. It was first famous in Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and other countries. CEO of Eyebrowdery, Klarisse, brought the technology here in the Philippines. She studied in Singapore at Dolly Tan of Aesthetics and earned a Diploma in Permanent Makeup Embroidery.

In case you are wondering makeup embroidery is different from tattoos, aside from the dye that being manually placed on your skin, instead of fading to blue/red/green in tattoos, embroidery will just fade away.

So let us get started with the EYEBROWS with model Stephanie Lee of Sumptous Style.





The first step is to clean the brows, then measure the beginning, the arch, and the tail. Using a brow pencil, Klarisse outline the desired shape, the she let Steph approve it.


Once the client already like the shape, they will now apply the topical anethesia for 45 minutes. After that, the embroidery will begin.

eyebrowdery needleThis is the needle wand used by Eyebrowdery, it is  like your common slanted brow brush but the strands are needles.



I asked Steph if it hurts and she said she doesn’t feel anything. Phew! Once the brows are totally drawn, they will apply a stabilizer and then a last dose of ink.




Voila, Steph will now wake up like she has done her brows.

On to the EYELINER, the model is Cha Sy of Pinay Manila.

IMG_0924Same procedure of cleaning and putting topical anesthesia, depending on your preference of either black or brown, they will ask you what kind of eyeliner you wish to have. Cha preferred the natural black liner.

According to her, she didn’t feel anything too, until she opened her eyes and the anesthesia went to her eyes.

Now my LIPS, they said that lips are the most sensitive skin in the body. I have a high tolerance in pain and I was brave enough to accept the challenge. For the color, I chose a natural tint, but you can choose between  red, orange, pink, or mixed colors depending how strong the hue that you wish to have.

Mandaluyong City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 5/8/15


That is my bare lips, it’s pale and has dark edges. According to Klarisse, most Filipino women suffer from hyperpigmentation, and I can attest to that.

Mandaluyong City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 5/8/15

They put anesthesia and I feel like I am going to have a tooth extraction because of the numbness. Klarisse told me if there is any discomfort she’ll pause and apply anesthesia again, she wanted the client to feel zero to less discomfort.

San Juan City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 5/8/15


Please forgive this wobbly photo as I only took selfies during the procedure.

You will feel that there’s a pen bouncing back and forth on your lips, no pain until the anesthesia evaporated, especially on the center of my lips. The second layer of anesthesia becomes prickly as the lips are getting sored. It depends on your skin if it absorbs ink fast, this procedure will take a little longer because of the reapplication of anesthesia.

Once covered, they will apply the ink to penetrate.

Mandaluyong City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 5/8/15

This is my lips right after the procedure. After a week, this is how my lips look like.

Pasig City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 5/14/15


Until now the feeling is a little tight, most of the ink was peeled off. But look how kissable it is now and my cupid’s bow was emphasized.

The three of us stayed for the after care procedure, we were given a Vitamin A + D emollient to protect the lips. The brows and eyeliner were not allowed to be wet for seven days while the lips needs an extra layer of emollient to protect it from food and drinks. We were also advised not to expose the enhance are under the sun and for me, avoid hot and warm beverages.

After 30 days there is a touch up procedure included in the package.

IMG_0907This is Rose, she has undergone all three embroidery procedure and she looks natural.

Embroidery is perfect for women who are on the go, not really into makeup, and for older women. This will last up to two years with proper care, of course you can always come back for touch ups.

San Juan City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 5/8/15

Curious? Website || Facebook || @eyebrowdery #eyebrowdery


Unit 201 Fox Square Building, 53 Connecticut St., Northeast Greenhills, San Juan City

Disclaimer: DISHYSAMMY was invited to try the service for free. All opinions are mine. 









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