6 Beauty Tips for Pre-Teens to Look Pretty without Makeup [GP]


Being a pre-teen can be essentially hard, since you are somewhere stuck between your changing hormones and priorities, and what matters the most at this point of time, is acceptance from peers. Everybody wants to be that popular girl at school, but even the best skin care products in the markets are aimed at an age-group generally beyond 30. So, do you give up on being pretty? Absolutely Not! Here we come up with a list of 6 beauty tips to make your pre-teen look pretty and that too without make-up:

The Baby Lips

Color is something that always turns teens on, obviously they have grown up watching Madonna and Jelo and are awe-struck by those red lips and pouts. But, yes everything comes at an age. So give your girl a chap-stick instead of lip-sticks. The benefits of chapsticks are that for one, they keep your lips as natural as they were meant to be, soft and smooth and secondly it does not add any tint to those lips. So there you are, with your natural lips and a little extra pink.

The Rosy Cheeks

Pre-teens could be awe-struck with the wide variety of make-ups that are available in the market, and the wonders they do for their elder sister or mother. Thus, one more thing they want is that blush on their cheeks, and might want to extend their hand towards your make-up palette. But did you know pinching one’s cheeks could also give that redness to the cheek, naturally. Well, yes all your pre-teen needs to do is pinch her cheeks for 10-15 seconds for that extra red to her cheeks. A little color for a little sometime.

The Bright Eyes

Let your pre-teen know the elegance of having pretty eyes, and when we say pretty we don’t mean made up eyes, we mean being natural and bright. Your pre-teen can most obviously be acquainted with the use of tweezers to pluck those eye-brows and trim them up. Did you know, beautifully shaped eye-brows could give you 75% of the look as eye make-up could have given you? Well, remember we told you this.

Cleansing and Moisturizing

Being a pre-teen it is essentially important to take extremely good care of your skin, since herein lies the foundation to skin problems, and if proper care is not taken at the initial stages, be well prepared to spend stacks of money on the best skin care products to undo what could have been undone naturally. So for starters, have loads of water, keep yourself hydrated. And always follow a regime of cleansing and moisturizing twice a day.

Exfoliation and Scrubbing

Always remember, that like any other human being, your skin also needs to breathe. Thus, with the present level of pollution, your pre-teen skin needs to be exfoliated and scrubbed. But remember, we want you to keep it as natural as possible, hence instead of going for products, try natural exfoliates like sugar scrubs and papaya scrubs to clear out those dead-skin cells and open up those pores.

Using a Toner

Though, a lot of people might suggest against it, we seriously feel that a pre-teen should be accustomed with the use of a toner. If you are worried, about the use of chemicals on skin, choose one with low amount of acidic and alkaline content, and there you are ready to go. A toner helps to absorb any extra  oils that your skin might be emitting, clogging of which could cause those ugly zits. So, if flawless skin is what you want, it needs to have a toner on the list.

So pre-teen girls and their mothers, here is an end to incessant nagging and brawls over make-up products and growing up issues. Go out there, and look pretty naturally.

About the Author:

The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession from mynewa.com who loves to share her beauty and skin care products tips via her articles.

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