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It was between 2010 – 2011 convention planning when I got hooked to La Pinay. My boss introduced this to me and from then on whenever I go to Café Breton I order La Pinay.

Take a look.


It’s a mango crepe with vanilla ice cream on top. The crepe is freshly made and the mangoes are fresh. You can ask for extra chocolate syrup if you wish.

My favorite branch is at SM Mall of Asia because Benjie, one of the waiter knew what we will order whenever we drop by.

They have the best sandwiches too. You should try their Tuna Melt Sandwich (no photo, I forgot) the tuna is a little spicy and the bread is toast to perfection. It comes with a green salad that makes the eating experience fresher. If you got what I meant. Smile

I have been to Breton lately but I hope I can visit one of these days.

Until next time foodies,


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